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About us

At Dr. FrisK, we are completely in love with sneakers! In our closet you'll find at least 100 pairs that we of course wear frequently but just like yours, ours get dirty as well.

Cleaning was and has always been a difficult char and we tried everything to clean them but till now we couldn't find a really good product. The market is full of solutions but mostly inefficient and not really environmentally friendly. We were looking for something that just works without damaging our lovely sneakers and the world.

Therefore we thought "why not produce our own product"? 
After many hours of market and product research, we saw our opportunity. We thought big, brained about our own brand and a brandname that represents fresh & clean. Dr. FrisK was born that day.

Full of enthusiasm and passion we started to develop our product and brand and we totaly believe we accomplished our mission.

Dr. FrisK helps you to renew your sneakers.