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Dr.FrisK makes them fresh!
Dr.FrisK Sneaker Bag
Article number: drf007
Dr.FrisK Sneaker Bag.
€ 69.95
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Dr.FrisK Sneaker Cleaner 236 ml
Article number: drf005
Dr.FrisK Sneaker Cleaner 236 ml
€ 14.95
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Dr.FrisK Sneaker Wipes
Article number: drf004
Super easy on the go!

These wet Sneaker Wipes of microfibre bring your sneakers back to life in a snap.
€ 7.95
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Dr.FrisK Suede Brush
Article number: drf003
This Brush is specially designed for the cleaning and refreshing of suede and nubuck.
It is Unique in our range!
€ 12.95
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Dr. FrisK was born out of the love for sneakers. Because what could be more beautiful than a new pair of sneakers, fresh from the store?

For us sneakers are more than just shoes, sneakers are fashionable and a direct statement. The foundation for the rest of your outfit. We believe it is important to maintain them as good as possible, keep them nice and clean. 
Then you can enjoy them many years to come.

Dr. FrisK makes and keeps your sneakers crispy and fresh like you have purchased them the day before.
Dr. FrisK keeps them new, even if you wear them every day. But what we think is also very important is that
Dr. FrisK does not harm both the environment and your sneakers itself.

Now problably you think "this must be too good to be true"? 
We know it's just the opposite.

Just try Dr.FrisK.
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